National Standards is a Vancouver based fashion brand, launched in 2010 as an exclusive line for Motherland Menswear. The brand was formed on Motherlands ethos of 'good clothes for everybody' and holds an admittedly communist outlook on fashion. Premium materials are a must, and manufacturing is being done exclusively with suppliers of luxury brands. However unlike traditional luxury brands, we do not artificially inflate our prices. National Standards clothing is sold at a fraction of what comparable brands would charge. Clean, minimal design, high-quality products, at a surprisingly accessible price points has earned the brand a somewhat cult following locally.



Founders Lawrence and David boast high-end experience from around the globe. While Lawrence has taken to the business side and David the design, either could hand tailor your entire wardrobe.

David has worked with high end brands in New York, Florence and Hong Kong, and his experience is what has allowed National Standards the opportunity to work with great suppliers.

While Lawrence’s hands on experience is not to be overlooked, his entrepreneurial nature has led him to manage the Motherland and National Standards stores.


Our goal is to produce clothing that makes it easy for you to look your best. With hands on experience in our own stores, we are able to build a connective relationship between the product and customer.                                                                                        

As the designers of our own line, we are able to deliver on the quality and attention to detail needed to personalize your experience with our product. An elevated sense of style is remarkable easy to achieve with a product line that is refined and designed to work together.


In House

We are a small team who have quickly learned to become multi faceted, handling everything from photography to marketing. We aim to give you exceptional value with the National Standards brand by doing all development in-house.

Drawn to nature, we make our home in Vancouver. As advocates of travel and exploration, our hope is that our clothing will become your first choice, and travel with you wherever you go.



In 2016 we opened the first National Standards boutique, located on South Granville Street in Vancouver. This flagship store carries the complete National Standards collection, as well as a curated selection of niche brands from around the globe.

Featured art and a selection of handmade accessories keeps the vibe local. We aim to bring a unique offering of brands we love, selecting products that compliment our own.

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